Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cool Runnings!

So, another "not on the list but totally awesome" thing was accomplished recently. ARE YOU READY FOR THE AWESOMENESS? Maybe you should sit down. It's a lot of awesome. I went bobsledding at 55 mph on the Olympic track in Lake Placid. Can you count all the kinds of awesome in that sentence? Let's count them.

1) Bobsledding! How crazy is that? How many people have done that? (Probably tons, but don't burst my bubble). Bobsled is now my favorite olympic sport.
2) Which brings me to OLYMPICS. Do you know how much I love the Olympics? A lot. I love them a lot. And now, in some friend of a second cousin once removed kind of way, I have participated in them.
3) 55 mph. I think we can all agree that I would have won bronze.

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