Friday, September 11, 2009

Go, life! Go!

Inspired by a number of different things - new season, blogs, Stacey, turning 30 - I have taken some casual stock of my life and quite frankly I'm pretty pleased. I have awesome friends in Philly and elsewhere, a job that I like 80% of the time, a house I love, a pretty hot boyfriend, my health, and a sweet cat named Cecil. All of these things make my life pretty good. But occasionally I'll hear about someone living in a cat house in Puerto Rico or travelling across Asia on a bike and I'll think "my god, my life is dull." Which is not really true, because I do neat things sometimes (maybe not whorehouse neat, but still) but these neat things could be more intentional.

Enter the Mighty Life List. I read an awesome blog by a woman named Maggie ( who recently came up with a list of 100 things she wants to do in her life. I like this idea, so I'm going to do it too. So far I have the following things on my list. I'll keep thinking and adding to it and then come my 30th birthday (10/20/09), it's go time.

1) Take dance lessons - Salsa

2) Ride a camel in the desert
3) Pet a dolphin
4) Hike in a rainforest in Belize, sleep in the canopy
5) Go scuba diving somewhere tropical
6) Skydive or ride in a hot air balloon
7) Make a pot roast all by myself
8) Safari in Kenya
9) Own a dog
10) Make a skirt for myself
11) Go to Australia and New Zealand
12) Swim with bioluminescent plankton in Puerto Rico
13) Host Christmas at my house for my whole family
14) Throw a surprise party
15) Foster kittens
16) Try mushrooms
17) Touch a glacier
18) Visit Iceland
19) Find a red wine I like
20) Go to Burning Man
21) Live abroad for a year
22) Buy a house - Fort Myers, FL
23) Take a trip every year with friends
24) Have pudding in Turkey
25) Watch the sunrise twice a year
26) Have a garden
27) Learn the names of the plants and trees in my region
28) Fly a kite
29) Take a photography class
30) Swim in a hot spring
31) Get my parents to recycle
32) Skinny dip as a grown up
33) Go climbing in Yosemite
34) Go bobsledding - Lake Placid, NY
35) Buy my own living room furniture
36) See Denali in person
37) Look through a really huge telescope
38) Write to my Congressman - Libraries of Philadelphia: reopened!
39) Have a picnic at the base of the Dolomites
40) Volunteer at an animal shelter
41) Travel all the way around the world
42) Ride a horse
43) Make cinnamon rolls often enough that I can do it without a recipe
44) Tour an art museum while listening to really great music
45) Go to the movies by myself
46) Picnic at Macchu Picchu
47) Sleep out
48) Step foot in the Amazon

50) Make hikaru dorodango
51) Survive a Bikram Yoga class - with Laura during a blizzard 2/6/10
52) Go out dancing in a rainstorm
53) Find a dentist and doctor that I like
54) Learn to tie a tie
55) Find my signature fragrance