Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Well, and there are some things I've done...

So, while creating my Go, life, go! list I remembered some fairly awesome things I had already done, so here is a list of those things so that when I am feeling utterly lame, I can look at it and feel less lame and hopefully inspired, instead.

1) Acted on the stage of the Globe Theatre in London - Hamlet
2) Been hit in the face by a bald eagle in Germany on July 4th
3) Ridden the Shinkansen in Japan
4) Own my own bedroom suite
5) Pet a monkey in Thailand
6) Took a cooking class - Baking 101
7) Made cinnamon rolls from scratch
8) Climbed a 1,500' tower in Utah
9) Had a Russian massage
10) Own a cat
11) Went snorkelling at Maya Beach
12) Have never missed a Christmas at home
13) Hosted a wine and cheese party
14) Moved to a new city by myself
15) Bought a house
16) Turned 21 in Greece
17) Had a song written for me
18) Worked at a bakery, cement factory, university, two accounting firms, and a church
19) Crochetted a potholder
20) Glazed my own dishware
21) Marched in Zion
22) Threw my own birthday party
23) Picked up a guy
24) Attended a Gala
25) Camped at a music festival
26) Led in trad climbing
27) Canned applesauce
28) Talked with a real-life hobo
29) Made a person pick up their litter by chastising them
30) Biked in city traffic
31) Found a hairstylist I like
32) Rode in the Chunnel
33) Stood at the top of a castle (Germany, Scotland)
34) Saw Phantom of the Opera in person
35) Took a gondola ride in Venice (and Scottsdale)
36) Won $9 in a casino
37) Have some thriving houseplants
38) Volunteered with a presidential campaign
39) Mastered public transportation in 3 cities
40) Ate gelato in Florence while staring at the David
41) Dated 3 guys named David
42) Been to 15 countries
43) Got lost in Amsterdam
44) Fed a giraffe
45) Got a tattoo
46) Streaked
47) Picked my own strawberries, cherries, peaches and raspberries and made jam
48) Dyed my hair blonde, black and everything in between
49) Wrote my initials in wet cement
50) Went to the top of the Eiffel tower and watched the sun set over Paris
51) Spent a night on a train
52) Took Thai cooking lessons in Thailand
53) Slept out
54) Kissed a cowboy
55) Aufgussed in Belgium
56) Done a flip on a trampoline

57) Ice climbing