Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cool Runnings!

So, another "not on the list but totally awesome" thing was accomplished recently. ARE YOU READY FOR THE AWESOMENESS? Maybe you should sit down. It's a lot of awesome. I went bobsledding at 55 mph on the Olympic track in Lake Placid. Can you count all the kinds of awesome in that sentence? Let's count them.

1) Bobsledding! How crazy is that? How many people have done that? (Probably tons, but don't burst my bubble). Bobsled is now my favorite olympic sport.
2) Which brings me to OLYMPICS. Do you know how much I love the Olympics? A lot. I love them a lot. And now, in some friend of a second cousin once removed kind of way, I have participated in them.
3) 55 mph. I think we can all agree that I would have won bronze.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Really, they should call it "Stretching in a Kiln"

So this is another thing that was not on my go, life, go! list but that I consider to be both an Experience and an Accomplishment. On Saturday, in the midst of a 28.5" snow storm, I went to Bikram yoga with Laura. That's right, while it was piling up outside I spent 100 minutes in a 105 degree room trying not to die.

Bikram is HOT. I have never been so hot. At one point I reached up to move my hair out of my face and I realized my ears were sweating. MY EARS. I had not previously thought this was possible. Bikram is also INTENSE. I had never been yelled at to "push it! push it! push it!" in yoga before, either. During the course of the class my face turned purple, and at one point I had to put my head between my knees to keep from fainting, but I did all of the poses (with varying degrees of success) and I didn't throw up or pass out, so I'm really quite proud of myself.

Afterwards I had a wicked headache, I think from the dehydration, and today I am sore as all get out, but I did it. In your face Choudhury!