Sunday, February 7, 2010

Really, they should call it "Stretching in a Kiln"

So this is another thing that was not on my go, life, go! list but that I consider to be both an Experience and an Accomplishment. On Saturday, in the midst of a 28.5" snow storm, I went to Bikram yoga with Laura. That's right, while it was piling up outside I spent 100 minutes in a 105 degree room trying not to die.

Bikram is HOT. I have never been so hot. At one point I reached up to move my hair out of my face and I realized my ears were sweating. MY EARS. I had not previously thought this was possible. Bikram is also INTENSE. I had never been yelled at to "push it! push it! push it!" in yoga before, either. During the course of the class my face turned purple, and at one point I had to put my head between my knees to keep from fainting, but I did all of the poses (with varying degrees of success) and I didn't throw up or pass out, so I'm really quite proud of myself.

Afterwards I had a wicked headache, I think from the dehydration, and today I am sore as all get out, but I did it. In your face Choudhury!

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